Happy Friday! I’m on my popcorn break…

I am actually sitting at my desk eating popcorn right now so this only seemed appropriate!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am running the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini marathon so wish me luck!


It’s Derby Y’all

Derby season has ofically kicked off in Louisville! Thunder Over Louisville was last night and next weekend I will run my 2nd KDF mini marathon!  In honor of the season, I present you with cats in Derby hats!

Happy Derby Y’all!

My favorite things: 2nd grade edition

3 days before first communion. Rachel, Paige and I stained our hands cracking walnuts in Paige's backyard. Had to soak my hands in nail polish remover and had one unimpressed mother.


After soaking my hands in nail polish remover and looking so awkward I was cute on the day of First Communion.
P.S. Why was I smiling like a rabbit?

I want to be a Gilmore Girl

Rory Gilmore is perhaps my favorite TV character of all time.  She was so smart, driven, and fabulous.  Here are just a few reasons why I wish I was Rory Gilmore:

Why Aren’t You Real: Bear Family edition courtesy of @sarahwun1

Check out my fictional BFFs on this week’s “Why Aren’t You Real” on Yepindeed!

Why Aren’t You Real: Bear Family edition courtesy of @sarahwun1.


Today on Pinterest:

Pinterest is a total guilty pleasure of mine.  I do only about 10% of the things that I pin, but one thing that caught my eye today was a Girl Scout bridal shower.  I liked this because I am still in touch with most of the girls I was in my scout troop with and we love to throw showers and host events together!

I loved this from Beau & Arrow Events!


“No Boys Allowed”!

On being a twin

Here is a small ode to my twin sister, @rachwun , she is getting ready to move in a couple of months, which means even more adventures in exciting locales to be had!

How I’ve been feeling

A little visual sampling of my feelings this past week:

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