Hey James, let’s get a play date on the books!


CATS.james franco7 350x468 A Feline Fiesta: 8 Adorable Celebrity Cats to Purr Over

James Franco has kittens! Sammy and Zelda to be exact! Swoon!

Can Fritz get a play date soon?

For more celebs and their kittens check out Hello Giggles-A Feline Fiesta!


Post college life: How sweet it is!

It Has been four years since graduation from Murray State University and my what a ride it has been! Four years ago I thought I had peaked and life would only become boring as a grown-up.




What an AMAZING ride it has been! Here’s to many more great year and the realization that life really does start after college!

Cat Sitting

So I have taken up the task of cat sitting for my sister and her boyfriend while they are on their European vacay.  My house is going to look something like this for the next few weeks:

As I like to say: Cats on Cats on Cats

Photo 49

Happy Derby Y’all!
Ready for some mint juleps and horse betting! Watch out Chu

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