Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This weekend’s adventure included a trip to see the Reds play. Had great seats and it was a blast.



Don’t worry. I also met the man of my dreams. He drives the ferry between the stadium and northern Kentucky.


I didn’t get his digits this time, but it for sure gives me a reason to go back.


Meet my fur baby

His name is Fritz. He is awesome. We have a borderline unhealthy relationship together.


Fritz as a mere kitten this summer

Fritz also is my boss when I work from home. He is a micromanager to say the least.

But at the end of the day, he is the
Best kitten a girl could ask for.

Big things!

Going in for my first day at the new job this afternoon! Hopefully this will be me afterwards!

Why I love Pandora Radio

My old job blocked Pandora radio from use on our work computers about six months ago.  That means for the past six months I have been missing out on some great jams while working.  No worries, since I work from home part of the time now, Pandora is back with a vengeance.

Today on the listening agenda:

80s Hairbands and other rockers!

I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday!

Father’s day recap: my two dads

Some photographs of all the father’s day fun yesterday:
First off brunch with papa bear, the original d-a-d.


Then a little south end traditional fare at Mike linnigs with the stepdad.

Overall, despite the rain, a great day. Thanks to both my dads for all they do.

This is a fun and frugal project. I have way more t-shirts than I need or know what to do with. Hello Summer running tops!

Creating Laura


** Creating Laura has moved to creatinglaura.com.  You are currently viewing an old version of this post on an old version of this blog. Please pop on over to the new blog to see the current version of this post where you can comment and pin to your heart’s content.  Thanks for sticking by me with this move!**

Hola from Mexico!

A couple days before I flew down here, I was doing a little blog browsing when I ran across a really cool tutorial for making a cute gym tank top out of an old t-shirt, which is totally perfect for me because I exercise a lot and designer workout gear is anything but cheep.  Anyway, I found the tutorial on a really cool site called Blogilates that’s full of free pilates videos, tips for healthy eating, cute exercise attire, and general inspiration for living a healthy, active lifestyle…

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Catch my breath

So one job is done and now on to two new part time gigs.  I have to s say this is a very exciting time! Even my sister, when I was talking to her on the phone said I sounded so much happier and upbeat than I have in ages.  I just hope that this new schedule also allows a little bit of breathing room too.

On to the next great adventure

Tomorrow is my last day at my old job. I have a new opportunity on the horizon that I am really excited about. Today my awesome coworkers threw me a going away party. Nothing says good luck like a giant Justin Bieber card. Just sayin’




Happy Sunday Funday

Something fun that I found on the internet today.  Just so happens that it involves two of my favorite things right now:



  1. The song, “Call Me, Maybe”
  2. The Roots

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

Living for the weekend

This has been an exciting weekend thus far. More adventures downtown, kayaking this morning and a beautiful Saturday evening of front porch sitting.





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