A morning in downtown Louisville

I just have to say, I love downtown Louisville! It is becoming more and more alive everyday, which makes it so exciting to be a young professional in this town. Saw “the clock” this morning when I was heading to a meeting.



Good morning from the road!

Good morning world!
I have already been up and at ’em this morning with a breakfast meeting ( started at 7:30, yikes) and now working at the coffee shop till my lunch meeting. It’s hard work to get your hustle on!
Still working hard on finding my next great adventure!



When all you gotta do is done…

My sister/twin Rachel is moving to St. Louis tomorrow morning. In honor of momentous move, I present you with a blog post of some of the gems I have sent her via text over the last few months.







Good luck and safe travels!

Mid-Week Vacation days

Remember when you were in college and you participated in a ritual called “mid-week drinking”?  My sorority sisters and I would make our way to the local bar on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon and get hammered.  Well four years later I now participate in “mid-week vacation days”.  This ritual is where post-college 20-somethings take days off during the week and get caught up on doctor’s appointments and yard work.  My how time changes things.


I will be taking a few of these days this week.  Getting WILD!

Single Girl Swag

The new summer motto is “Single Girl Swag”

What is SGS?

It is anything that a single girl would do. I am not talking about collecting cats or only reading sappy romance novels Single Girl Swag is having a great time out on the weekend, laying by the pool, having a hello kitty coffee pot at the age of 26, or maybe even doing something you never thought you would.

I hope everyone has a great summer and remember to turn your single girl swag on!

I’m Moving Out

After a great deal of soul searching, advice seeking, and prayer I decided to put in my notice at work.  I am on to my next adventure, here’s to greater things and knowing that something awesome is just around the corner.

Please enjoy this Billy Joel cover from who I think may have been the American Idol winner.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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