Reflections on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Today, I watched horrified as the situation in Boston unfolded.  The tragedy was honestly too much for me to handle.  It hit close to home, it made me scared of pursuing a goal of eventually one day running the Boston Marathon.

I ran (and finished) the Chicago Marathon in October, it was one of the best experiences of my life and never once did I think about the possibility of someone destroying such a magical day for me.  I was never scared, I never felt unsafe, all I felt was a great sense of accomplishment and joy. I am sure all the runners today had the same feelings I did until some coward used the site as a place to break everything down.  

It has been a day of sadness and anger for me.  My heart breaks for all the victims and their families, those still waiting to hear if their loved ones are safe or nervously awaiting medical news.  It is sadness that I don’t think I will ever forget.  I am angry too.  An anger that I have not felt in a long time, I am angry that someone decided to break down the beauty of a marathon and make it something it is not.

I feel that my running family has been personally attacked, which it has.  I know that next time I step to the start line of a race there will be a nagging fear in the back of my mind and  fear for my friends and family that have come to support me.

I think the sadness and anger will linger for a while.  I also know the running community is full of strong individuals that have true endurance.  We will put one foot in front of the other and take another step, of course the first few will be the hardest, but eventually we will find our stride and be back more trained and ready to make it across that finish line again.

If I do know one thing, us runners are the real deal.  My prayers are with everyone in Boston tonight and I pray that the beauty of the sport will continue to remain intact.


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