The Times They Are a Changin’

SO….It has been about 18 months since I posted, but I am going to try to get back into the blog game.  Here a few updates in my life, in 2014 I have made some major changes and here is a high level overview of what has made this one of the most exciting year in a while:

  • I stepped out of my comfort zone and made new friends, some have really changed my life others have not so much but they have all been players in this year.
  • I bought a HOUSE! It is crazy, if you would have asked me this time last year if I would be sitting in my new kitchen writing this post, I would have told you are nuts.
  • I have had success at work with increase responsibility and pay (the second is always nice)
  • I watched one of my oldest and dearest friends tie the knot, it was crazy to think someone I spent so much time with s a child is now a married man.  It was perhaps stranger than seeing my sister get married in 2013.
  • I have gone on all sorts of adventures: festivals, hometown tourist destinations, seeing my world with fresh eyes.
  • I have eaten a lot of great food- see the above bullet point.
  • I have learned to say goodbye, goodbye to neighborhoods, people, expectations- I credit lots of this to hard work in therapy, which is something I am so proud of myself for doing.

2014 was a hell of a year and I can’t wait to see what the last few weeks and the new year have in store.  I know this isn’t a big read for people, it shouldn’t be these are my own personal thoughts and musings, but I am going to work on updating more frequently.


Reflections on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Today, I watched horrified as the situation in Boston unfolded.  The tragedy was honestly too much for me to handle.  It hit close to home, it made me scared of pursuing a goal of eventually one day running the Boston Marathon.

I ran (and finished) the Chicago Marathon in October, it was one of the best experiences of my life and never once did I think about the possibility of someone destroying such a magical day for me.  I was never scared, I never felt unsafe, all I felt was a great sense of accomplishment and joy. I am sure all the runners today had the same feelings I did until some coward used the site as a place to break everything down.  

It has been a day of sadness and anger for me.  My heart breaks for all the victims and their families, those still waiting to hear if their loved ones are safe or nervously awaiting medical news.  It is sadness that I don’t think I will ever forget.  I am angry too.  An anger that I have not felt in a long time, I am angry that someone decided to break down the beauty of a marathon and make it something it is not.

I feel that my running family has been personally attacked, which it has.  I know that next time I step to the start line of a race there will be a nagging fear in the back of my mind and  fear for my friends and family that have come to support me.

I think the sadness and anger will linger for a while.  I also know the running community is full of strong individuals that have true endurance.  We will put one foot in front of the other and take another step, of course the first few will be the hardest, but eventually we will find our stride and be back more trained and ready to make it across that finish line again.

If I do know one thing, us runners are the real deal.  My prayers are with everyone in Boston tonight and I pray that the beauty of the sport will continue to remain intact.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That…

For the last year or so I have let Pinterest make me feel bad about my life.  I am unorganized, have fifty or so abandoned craft projects in my house, and I just picked up on the color jeans fad (which will probably end now because I bought two pairs).

Here are a couple of gems from the Pinterest world that make me want to question the amount of time people have on their hands and why?!?!


I hope that you are getting some sort of compensation for this? 



Pinterest has caused the world to go mason jar crazy! In my house this would be more realistic if this pin suggested you use old cool whip and lunch meat containers…


To all you Angry Bird fanatics that are waiting to bake this bad boy…cheese melts and it may or may not result in your desired effect.

However Pinterest did introduce me to an endless supply of this guy:




The Tuesday Ten

I just saw this on another blog and thought I might give it a try, if I can do ne post a week this year then it is a win 🙂

Ten Things that I am loving this Tuesday:

10. Tuesday night game night is back! 

Nothing beats getting together with a bunch of your friends and playing yard games for a couple of hours.  I hope that it isn’t too cold.

9. The heat wave (sort of..)

It is warm here in the Ohio valley today and I am loving the 48-ish degree weather and the sunshine

8. Having someplace to be.

Today I hade to be up and rolling and out of the house for work and it was great, previously had been going stir crazy.

7. The kindness of my little brother.

He did me a huge solid today by letting me borrow his laptop since mine doesn’t have the microsoft word software.

6. New jobs to apply for.

Had several referrals to a job with an agency  I would love to work for, I have written my cover letter, but now taking a few to come back and look at it with fresh eyes.

5. Perspective

I seem to be getting the hang of that…finally!

4. Being reunited with an old friend

Met up with an old college roommate yesterday and it was like we had never been apart, hopefully we stay in touch!

3. Supportive Family

I love the my parents, especially are always there to help me and to step in when I need to a hand.  Today’s example, picking me up from the mechanics and then letting me borrow a car for the day.

2. Fun conversations with my twin sister

We didn’t talk much this weekend, so it was great to catch up with her while she was on her lunch and make fun of certain people’s handwriting and their enjoyment of selling things online.

1. Keeping my New Year’s Resolution to stay positive.  

It just makes the day that much better!

Happy Sunday Funday

Something fun that I found on the internet today.  Just so happens that it involves two of my favorite things right now:



  1. The song, “Call Me, Maybe”
  2. The Roots

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

Hey James, let’s get a play date on the books!


CATS.james franco7 350x468 A Feline Fiesta: 8 Adorable Celebrity Cats to Purr Over

James Franco has kittens! Sammy and Zelda to be exact! Swoon!

Can Fritz get a play date soon?

For more celebs and their kittens check out Hello Giggles-A Feline Fiesta!

Cat Sitting

So I have taken up the task of cat sitting for my sister and her boyfriend while they are on their European vacay.  My house is going to look something like this for the next few weeks:

As I like to say: Cats on Cats on Cats

Photo 49

Happy Derby Y’all!
Ready for some mint juleps and horse betting! Watch out Chu

Happy Friday! I’m on my popcorn break…

I am actually sitting at my desk eating popcorn right now so this only seemed appropriate!


Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am running the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini marathon so wish me luck!

It’s Derby Y’all

Derby season has ofically kicked off in Louisville! Thunder Over Louisville was last night and next weekend I will run my 2nd KDF mini marathon!  In honor of the season, I present you with cats in Derby hats!

Happy Derby Y’all!

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