When all you gotta do is done…

My sister/twin Rachel is moving to St. Louis tomorrow morning. In honor of momentous move, I present you with a blog post of some of the gems I have sent her via text over the last few months.







Good luck and safe travels!


My favorite things: 2nd grade edition

3 days before first communion. Rachel, Paige and I stained our hands cracking walnuts in Paige's backyard. Had to soak my hands in nail polish remover and had one unimpressed mother.


After soaking my hands in nail polish remover and looking so awkward I was cute on the day of First Communion.
P.S. Why was I smiling like a rabbit?

On being a twin

Here is a small ode to my twin sister, @rachwun , she is getting ready to move in a couple of months, which means even more adventures in exciting locales to be had!

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