Post college life: How sweet it is!

It Has been four years since graduation from Murray State University and my what a ride it has been! Four years ago I thought I had peaked and life would only become boring as a grown-up.




What an AMAZING ride it has been! Here’s to many more great year and the realization that life really does start after college!


Today on Pinterest:

Pinterest is a total guilty pleasure of mine.  I do only about 10% of the things that I pin, but one thing that caught my eye today was a Girl Scout bridal shower.  I liked this because I am still in touch with most of the girls I was in my scout troop with and we love to throw showers and host events together!

I loved this from Beau & Arrow Events!


“No Boys Allowed”!

On being a twin

Here is a small ode to my twin sister, @rachwun , she is getting ready to move in a couple of months, which means even more adventures in exciting locales to be had!

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